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7 reasons to get waxed

You can wax or shave to remove hair, but here are seven reasons to wax instead of shaving.
  1. IT LASTS LONGER When you wax it actually removes the entire hair from the root, resulting in hair-free skin for weeks. Shaving only cuts the hair down; it doesn’t actually remove it. Your skin will remain smooth and hair free much longer, allowing you to give your skin a break from the razors for a while.
  2. LESS IRRITATION Shaving can cause razor bumps and rashes with often hurt, then itch and, let’s face it, just looks bad. If done correctly, waxing should leave your skin smooth without irritation.  Even those with sensitive skin may turn a little red, but not for long. Wash the area with warm water and it will no longer itch.
  3. NO STUBBLE After shaving, your skin will only remain smooth for about a day. Freshly waxed legs will remain smooth for almost two weeks before you see any signs of hair growth.
  4. HAIR, PLUCKED FROM THE ROOT, GROWS BACK FINER Waxing results in finer hair growth because it removes the entire hair from the follicle, an entirely new hair is forced to grow back, which will be much thinner and take much longer to grow back.
  5. NO SCARS Shaving provides nicks and cuts which will leave scars, unless you take your time.  Waxing can be done quickly without the worry of sharp blades near your skin. To stay scar free from shaving, give wax a chance.
  6. WAX IS NATURAL Wax has natural ingredients in it. Wax also exfoliates the areas where you apply it.  Shaving doesn’t benefit your skin.
  7. PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL It will take years for this to happen but if you wax long enough, your hair follicles will weaken. This results in permanent damage to the follicle, but in a good way for areas that you don’t want hair.
If you already wax you know how great it can be, but if not you should try it!   Having it done professionally will be quick and easy.  Can you handle silky smooth skin?

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