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Why “Waterless” Mani-Pedis are Better

Follicles now offers waterless mani-pedis! A waterless manicure and pedicure is a mani-pedi without the use of a water basin, which is the most sanitary way to receive these services.  Removing the water minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, which can result in infection.

The best part of a waterless mani-pedi is how long your polish will last!  Nails that are soaked in water tend to expand, reducing the life of your polish. Leaving the fingernail dry will result in your nail polish lasting longer.  Yeah, we know, the warm water is one of the best parts of a mani-pedi, but waterless mani-pedis are just as pampering, because of our quality heated towels.  Try it and see for yourself!

Why Waterless Mani-Pedis?

Eliminating H20 was an easy decision for us.  Waterless mani-pedis are better for your health and the environment.  There are four main benefits:

Water is the leading cause of nail infections resulting from mani-pedis.

Water-logged skin prevents the positive effects of moisturizing products.  Skip the water to enjoy the moisture!

Water-soaked nails swell and shrink within hours of service, leading to nail polish chipping.

Waterless nail care saves up to 15 gallons of water per service!

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